Host a Fundraiser

Private Party

Have you ever thought about hosting a dessert party or wine tasting?  Do you regularly have friends over to play bridge or poker?  Do you gather with colleagues and friends to watch the Giants or Eagles?  If you’re looking for a reason to host a party or already throw parties and would like to support our prevention efforts while having fun, we can help. It’s easy:

  • Decide the type of party you would like to host.
  • Set a date; plan a menu; choose a theme.
  • Invite your friends.
  • Ask them for a donation (of any amount) payable to Prevent Child Abuse-New Jersey.
  • Contact PCA-NJ for brochures and literature.
  • Eat, drink, play, have fun and be charitable!
  • Mail us your checks.

Campus/School Event

Many clubs and student organizations host events to benefit PCA-NJ.  In addition to supporting an important cause, students will learn about volunteerism and community service, creativity, leadership and school spirit; you may also earn community service hours.

  • Discuss your event idea with your fellow students and advisor.
  • Contact us at 732-246-8060 x123 to share your idea and receive guidance.
  • Get approval of printed materials – flyers, pamphlets, web posting – before proceeding.
  • Share photos with PCA-NJ of your event.

General Rules to Follow for Private Parties and Campus/School Events

  • We do not allow door-to-door or telephone solicitation.
  • You may not alter our logo by customizing it to your specific event.
  • Please keep careful track of the funds you raise; send your donation directly to PCA-NJ as soon as possible after the event is completed.
  • 100% of donations from you & guests/participants are charitable donations.

We will send you and all who donate formal thank-you letters following your event.