Child Wellness Institute’s Trauma Transformation Initiative Positively Impacts Entire Trenton School District

ChildWIN® Trauma Transformation Initiative

A “Wellness Warrior Club” student comforts a younger student – demonstrating kindness, co-regulation and mindfulness in action at Gregory Elementary School in Trenton.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – January 24, 2022 – The Child Wellness Institute (ChildWIN®), a nonprofit subsidiary of Prevent Child Abuse-New Jersey, has expanded its Trauma Transformation Initiative (TTI)  throughout the Trenton School District.  ChildWIN® began its TTI work with the District in January 2021.  One year later, surveys showed the program has led to improvement in teacher confidence in managing challenging classroom behaviors – because teachers now understand the brain science and meaning behind the behavior – and daily use of trauma-informed practices.

ChildWIN® Executive Director Gina Hernandez explained, “TTI is not a ‘training’ but rather a process that has supported more than 100 schools in recognizing, responding to and healing trauma for individuals and their students.”  TTI components include understanding of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), trauma, educator state of awareness, co-regulation, self-care and resilience.  It also includes parent and community involvement.

In August 2021, all Trenton District administrators participated in the TTI under the guidance of superintendent Mr. James Earle and Dr. Channing Conway, expanding the program’s implementation district-wide for all schools and employees, impacting all students and their families.  Mr. Earle stated, “We are so excited to have ChildWIN® as a partner/provider in our work in becoming a trauma-informed District. Gina Hernandez and the team of trainers possess a wealth of information that has proven effective in assisting our staff and students in areas related to ACEs, regulation and self-care.”  More than 1,200 educators throughout all District schools have received the first phase.  The work continues with coaching, administrator check-ins and professional development, both live and pre-recorded.

Pilot study results demonstrated an increase in teacher confidence in handling challenging classroom behaviors because teachers now understand the brain science and the meaning behind the behavior. Survey data also show a decrease in negative classroom incidents and trauma-informed practices being implemented daily within the pilot school.

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Founded in 2019, the Child Wellness Institute (ChildWIN®) builds resilience in children and social-emotional health in children and families. ChildWIN® is a subsidiary of Prevent Child Abuse-New Jersey.