Trainings for Professionals

Our team of expert trainers can come on-site to deliver a training at your school or organization!

Our most popular training topics are described below.

If you are interested in one of these or another customized training, please fill out the training request form at least 30 days prior to the requested training date.

Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention: Protecting Children by Supporting Families

This training is designed for people who interact or work with children and families to understand ways to connect families to resources and support in order to reduce family stressors and prevent child maltreatment. This training will discuss racial disparities in the child welfare system in New Jersey and how child wellbeing is a shared responsibility. Training participants will examine their own biases and assumptions about families, and explore how to engage families in as effective helpers. Finally, participants will learn about resources available throughout New Jersey for families.

Length of Workshop: 1.5 Hours
Fee: $750

This training can be offered at no cost once per year, per agency or organization (Childcare providers please see note below.)

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Contact Victoria Spera-Ballesteros for more information at [email protected].

Note: For Childcare Providers

Please note that the reauthorization of the federal Childcare Development Block Grant(CCDBG) has brought about many changes related to childcare, both for center-based programs and in-home providers. You can read more about these changes, important deadlines, and instructions to meet the requirements here:

To help ensure providers are able to meet the training requirements by the deadlines that have been set, DFD has worked with several different agencies to make trainings available on Health and Safety, Mandated Reporting, First aid, and Child Growth and Development. For more information, go to This website will provide instructions on how to meet the training requirements and links to online trainings. You can also reach out to your local CCR&R for in-person trainings.

Sticks and Stones: Words as Weapons (Emotional Abuse Prevention)

The American Academy of Pediatrics cites emotional abuse as the most challenging and prevalent form of abuse.  This training will address the complexities of emotional abuse and give participants an understanding of what is considered abuse and what is not.  While prevalence, harm and risk factors  will be discussed, prevention will be the focus.

Length of Workshop: 2 Hours
Fee:  $750

Contact [email protected] for more information.

Protective Factors

Participants will learn about the 5 protective factors—Parental Resilience, Social Connections, Concrete Support in Times of Need, Knowledge of Parenting and Development, and Social Emotional Competence of Children— and how to strengthen families to reduce the risk of child abuse and neglect.

Length of Workshop: 2 Hours, half day, or full day
Fee: $750-$1,500

Contact [email protected] for more information.

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

If you want to prevent the risks and trauma caused by child sexual abuse, these workshops can help.

PCA-NJ is pleased to offer these sessions on prevention methods

and the effects of child sexual abuse and victimization.

PCA-NJ offers three workshops from the Enough Abuse Campaign, including:

  • Enough Abuse: Strategies for your Family and Community
  • Understanding & Responding to the Sexual Behaviors of Children
  • It’s Not Just Jenna

Length of Workshops: 2 Hours
Fee: $750

Contact [email protected] for more information.

Promoting Healthy Interactions: Discipline

This workshop will encourage parents and professionals to explore the meanings behind behaviors.  Attendees with learn about temperament, examine challenging behaviors, consider responses to behaviors, and understand the difference between discipline and punishment.

Length of Workshop: 2 Hours
Fee: $750

Contact [email protected] for more information.

Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking 101

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to define DMST and the conditions that support it, identify signs and red flags of potential victims, and how to report and implement prevention strategies to protect youth from trafficking.

Length of Workshop: 2 Hours, half-day, or full day
Fee: $750 – $1,500

Contact [email protected] for more information.

From Survivor to Thriver: Working with Victims of Sexual Exploitation

From Survivor to Thriver: Working with Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation teaches helping professionals to support victims of CSEC through their recovery process. The training reviews trauma and trauma informed principles and provides skill-building techniques of Motivational Interviewing.  It reviews the impact of trauma, responding to victims, the stages of change, additional resources, and vicarious trauma of family members and professionals.

Length of Workshop: Full Day
Fee: $1,500

Contact [email protected] for more information.

Confidentiality and Boundaries

Provides information, reminders and tools for personal safety in the office and in the field, plus definitions/overview/importance of confidentiality and boundary setting when working with families. Interactive training includes lecture, small and large group discussion, case studies, and review of workplace policies when available.

Length of Workshop: 2 Hours
Fee: $750

Contact [email protected] for more information.

Healing Hearts & Improving Childhood Outcomes (Trauma)

The Healing Hearts Series of workshops provides an overview of the impact of trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on the developing child.  Teachers, administrators and staff who work with children will learn how trauma/toxic stress impacts a child’s brain, body and development; thus affect a child’s behavior.  Participants will learn healthy, nurturing strategies to “repack the backpack” and promote a calm, learning environment, as well as receive resources to continue their learning after the training.

PCA-NJ offers five workshops from the Healing Hearts Series, including:

  • Trauma 101
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Trauma & Resilience
  • Trauma and the Importance of Self-Care
  • Parent Workshop

Length of Workshops: 2 Hours
Fee: $750

Contact [email protected] for more information.

To request one of these trainings or another customized training, please fill out the training request form at least 30 days prior to the requested training date.