Film Screenings for Community/Schools

“…an able and worthy fire-starter that deserves a wide public and family audience.  Consider this new required viewing for counselors, teachers, school leaders, medical teachers, and open-minded parents that want to address what shouldn’t be bottled up any longer.” – Don Shanahan of Every Movie Has a Lesson

View the trailer here:
Viewing time: 60 mins.


“Paper Tigers is a moving and profoundly important film that offers critical insights into one of the most widespread educational and health challenges in American society.  It should be mandatory viewing for teachers and principals across the country, and anyone who works with vulnerable youths.” – David Bornstein, New York Times writer
and Co-Founder of The Solutions Journalism Network.

View the trailer here:
Viewing time: 102 mins.

Cost:  $1,000 minimum (includes facilitated post discussion)

Want to host a screening?

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