PCA-NJ Statement on Children Separation

Jul 14, 2020 | Commentary, Uncategorized

by Rush L. Russell, Executive Director

Prevent Child Abuse-New Jersey joins with many others calling for officials in Washington DC to work together to enact immediate changes to policies that separate children from their parents at the border.

PCA-NJ leads efforts in New Jersey to build a brighter future for all our children – healthy, happy and safe – and free from all forms of child abuse and neglect.  There are decades of research showing that the current “zero tolerance” policy will substantially increase these children’s risks for future problems with mental health and substance abuse, school failure, unemployment and chronic health conditions.  There are also thousands of years of the most fundamental parental instincts — from every culture, every country, every community, every neighborhood, and every parent — to provide a nurturing, safe and stable environment for our children.

Separating children from parents can cause irreparable harm; innocent children are being traumatized when solutions can easily be found.  All children deserve better.