Home Visiting Programs

Our evidence-based home visiting programs are the most effective strategy known to prevent child abuse and improve a broad array of child health and development outcomes.

Prevent Child Abuse-New Jersey is the state office for Healthy Families New Jersey (HF-TIP NJ) and Parents as Teachers New Jersey (PAT-NJ). These two home visiting programs are designed to teach new parents how to form healthy bonds with their babies, interact in developmentally appropriate ways, and provide safe homes for their children.

Home visitors also partner with parents to nurture children’s literacy skills and improve school readiness, including early screening and detection of developmental delays. Home visiting has an economic benefit as well by preventing the need for more costly intervention services such as emergency health care, and involvement with the child welfare and criminal justice system, while strengthening families and connecting them with community resources early in a child’s life.

Healthy Families New Jersey and Parents as Teachers programs are located in all 21 counties. New Jersey’s home visitors are highly trained paraprofessionals, nurses, and other degreed professionals.