Program Videos

Survivor Stories

America’s Daughters 4:00

Making of a Girl 5:08

Justin Berry 6:19

The Life Story– A Collection of videos from survivors

I Survived Sex Trafficking 3:38


Videos about Masculinity

Nore Davis is Helping his Friends Unlearn Toxic Masculinity- CONAN on TBS (5:08) 

We are the Lions: 5:15

Gillette “The Best Men Can Be” 1:48


Photoshop Examples

Dove Evolution 1:15

Body Evolution 1:12

Pictures of Celebrities-Before & After-


Britney Spears

Kate Winslet

Katy Perry

Kim Kardashian



Meghan Trainer-Me Too (Music Video) 3:02


Videos about the Media

Miss Representation Trailer 2:48

The Mask You Live In 3:09

India Arie- Video (Music Video) 3:46

What If Girls Magazines Looked Like This: 


Videos about Sexual Consent

Please see our Sexual Consent Webpage here.