Youth & Community Programs

Programs for Youth

My Life My Choice developed by Justice Resource Institute is a 10-session Exploitation Prevention curriculum for girls ages 12-18.  It is designed to change girls’ perceptions of the commercial sex industry, as well as build self-esteem and personal empowerment.

The goal is to prevent their recruitment into commercial sexual exploitation. (A reduced 4-session option is available.)

PCA-NJ is the State Leader for My Life My Choice in New Jersey.

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Empowering Young Men developed by the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation is a dynamic 5-session program that engages boys ages 14-18 in a discussion about masculinity, gender roles, and the commercial sex industry.

The goal is to educate young men about the harms of the sex trade and encourage them to be allies in the fight against commercial sexual exploitation.

PCA-NJ is the State Leader for Empowering Young Men in New Jersey.

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Exposing Exploitation Assembly  This interactive presentation is ideal for a group of students or school community to educate about the realities of commercial sexual exploitation here in NJ and encourage them to take action to end child sex trafficking.

Presentation is typically 1– 2 hours.

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Community Programs 

Survivor Speaker  Through sharing her story, a survivor of childhood commercial sexual exploitation will educate the audience on how to identify, support, and prevent child sex trafficking.

Documentary Film Screening and Discussion  PCA-NJ owns the viewing rights for documentary films about the commercial sexual exploitation of children. We offer a 4-hour presentation that includes viewing the film and a facilitated discussion about the issue.