Young Parent Coalition

What Are The Goals of YPC?

The goals of YPC include increasing access to evidence-based prevention programs for teen parents, improving coordination of services for teen parents inclusive of and beyond high school graduation, increasing recruitment and retention of young fathers within PLP, and improving overall fathering practices for young fathers ages 14-21.

What Will YPC Offer?

YPC will coordinate quarterly meetings within all 3 regions of NJ, along with annual statewide meetings to bring together providers supporting adolescent parents. YPC will also offer its partners direct support for young fathers along with technical assistance to implement best practices in order to better serve the adolescent parenting community.

What is 24/7 Dads?

24/7 Dad’s Fatherhood Initiative is a 12-session workshop for dads ages 14-21 developed by fathering and parenting experts at the National Fatherhood Institute. The 2-hour weekly workshops focus on building characteristics young men need to be fathers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Key characteristics include discipline, parenting, relationships, communication, work/family balance, helping young men evaluate their own parenting skills. Sessions are held hybrid (in-person and virtually) statewide.



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