Healthy Families

Healthy Families-TIP (HF-TIP) New Jersey is a program designed to help expectant and new parents get their children off to a healthy start. Families participate voluntarily in the program and receive home visiting services and community referrals from trained staff. By providing services to overburdened families, HF-TIP fits into the continuum of services provided to families in many communities. The program identifies families of prenatal or newborn children who may be at risk of maltreatment through a systematic assessment process which reaches out to the families struggling with issues correlated with child abuse and neglect.

Healthy Families Program Goals

  • To systematically reach out to parents to offer resources and support
  • To cultivate the growth of nurturing, responsive, parent-child relationships
  • To promote healthy childhood growth and development
  • To build the foundations for strong family functioning

Healthy Families-TIP is a program of Prevent Child Abuse-New Jersey, the New Jersey state chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America. Prevent Child Abuse-New Jersey’s mission is to lead statewide efforts in the elimination of child abuse and neglect, in all of its forms, for all of New Jersey’s children.

Healthy Families New Jersey is part of the Healthy Families America network, whose parent organization is Prevent Child Abuse America.

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