For Parents

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Protecting Children from Traffickers
New Jersey is at risk for human trafficking. Do you know how to protect your children from falling victim to this?

Being Home Alone: Is your child ready?
Check out this very helpful information for assistance in making this important decision!

Advice for New Moms and Dads
Making the most out of Baby’s first few weeks

Developing Your Baby’s Intelligence
How parents can stimulate Baby’s cognitive development

Emotional Neglect
Can a child be hurt by what is NOT there?

Eng/Spanish Tip #1 Advice to Parents…
…. FROM pre-schoolers. What the little ones might tell us if they could! English and Spanish brochures

Eng/Spanish Tip #10 What to do
…. when parents appear to be mistreating their children in public.

Eng/Spanish Tip #11 Choose Safe Summer
Programs for your children!

Eng/Spanish Tip #13 10 Reasons Not to
…Spank your child. The many ways spanking can really hurt!

Eng/Spanish Tip #2 Finding Time to Help
.. your child suceed in school. English and Spanish brochure.

Eng/Spanish Tip #3 Help Your Child…
….BEHAVE WHILE SHOPPING!…. English and Spanish Language brochures.

Eng/Spanish Tip #4 Support Early
… Learning at home! Tips for Parents at back to school time or any time!

Eng/Spanish Tip #5 Streetproof Children
Safety tips; English and Spanish language brochure.

Eng/Spanish Tip #6 Report Card for…
…Parents at report card time! Making the most out of report card time!

Eng/Spanish Tip #7 Tips Back to School
More advice to help you suport your child’s learning.

Eng/Spanish Tip #8 Tips on Parenting
General information to help all parents!

Eng/Spanish Tip #9 Early Literacy…
The Top Ten Tips for Parents! English and Spanish Brochures in PDF

Help Kids & Families Cope w/ War Trauma
Information from the experts at the PAT (Parents as Teachers) national office.

Help Your Child Suceed in Learning
Advice for parents of school aged children

Hey Coach!
Winning ways to motivate young athletes

Home Alone Tips
Tips for the older child when home alone…good for the babysitter too!

Internet Safety
Keeping children safe while on-line

Prevention Fact Sheet

Recognizing Child Abuse and Neglect
Physical and behavioral signs of maltreatment

Recognizing Child Maltreatment
Signs of abuse and neglect.

Setting Rules and Concequences…
…a critical component of discipline for children!

Sibling Rivalry
The sibling relationship is one of the most important socialization experiences… advice on how to keep it healthy!

Ten Ways to Prevent Child Abuse …
…. and neglect in your community

Terrific Toddlers
Whoever said two-year olds were THAT terrible?

Winning the Chore War.
Reasonable ways to keep your child involved!